pa'ra sol   fr. parasole
parare to shield + sole sun
1. a flirtation device 2. a lightweight umbrella used as a sunshade 3. a fashion accessory that says "Look at ME!"
4. a treasured gift and heirloom

The original inspiration which converted a tree branch into the first parasol might be claimed by China, Egypt and India collectively, but it seems certain that the parasol or umbrella – the words have the same linguistic root – was designed originally to offer protection from the sun rather than the rain. A parasol is perceived as gay and decorative, like a sundial marking only the sunny hours, whereas an umbrella is tainted with utility.
Associated with social rank, religion, and fashion throughout history, today’s parasols are worn equally for style, comfort, and amusement, wearever the sun shines.

Parasol Flirtation
Carrying elevated in right hand: You are too willing
Twirling it around:
We are watched